Current Projects

There are currently two projects occurring within The Program for Attention, Learning, and Memory (PALM).

First, PALM is involved with the Reaction Time Variability (RTV) study. We are recruiting children with and without ADHD, between the ages of 8 and 12, to participate in an fMRI brain imaging study. For more information about the study, and to see if your child qualifies for the study, please email or call (305) 348-8497.

Second, PALM is currently recruiting children without ADHD between the ages of 8 and 12 for a study examining how multiple cognitive skills like processing speed and working memory work together.

If you and your child are interested in participating you would be asked to have your child attend between two and four, approximately 2-hour sessions during which your child will complete cognitive tests on a computer.

In exchange for your child’s help, your child will receive a small toy at the end of each session. You will also receive a $40.00 gift-card to Target or Wal-Mart for their help.

Finally, results of the cognitive testing are available to you at your request. Please call us at 305-348-8331 to determine if your child is eligible for our study.